Dürrenstein (Gipfel)

Mountain summit, Scenic lookout


South of Lake Lunz lies the 1,878 m high Dürrenstein with one of the most untouched landscapes in Lower Austria. At the northern foot of the mountain lies the Rothwald, the largest primeval forest in Central Europe. Thanks to the "Dürrenstein Wilderness Area" project, a large part of the area has been placed under nature conservation, allowing a wide variety of Eastern Alpine animal and plant species to thrive undisturbed. Only in guided hikes is it permitted to visit these zones in order not to disturb the ecosystem. Away from the nature reserve, however, the Dürrenstein or Noten summits as well as the Großer Hühnerkogel or Kleines Hirzeck can be explored in a variety of ways: The routes captivate with charming karst formations, exciting caves and rich flora and fauna. Those who even climb the summit should spend the night in the Ybbstalerhütte, which offers plenty of space and the best food for an extensive rest.

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