Dürrenstein Wilderness Area, © Hans Glader

THE DÜRRENSTEIN WILDNESS AREA: Experience the pure wilderness!

Wild forests await you! At the foot of the Dürrenstein you will find a protected area rich in trees and species and one of the last primeval forests in Europe.

The 3,500 hectare wilderness area Dürrenstein in southwestern Lower Austria is the largest primeval forest remnant in Central Europe and is considered a strictly protected nature reserve.

Ancient trees & forest wilderness

In 2017, Austria's only wilderness area, the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area, was declared by UNESCO as the first World Natural Heritage Site in Austria. This unique protected area is thus in line with the Grand Canyon, the Yellowstone National Park or the Dolomites.

Visitors can explore the wilderness area on guided tours and excursions, which also provide a view of the Rothwald, or on the official hiking trails.


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