Too much pressure from outside makes our inner voice become more and more quiet. We would like to help you to ground yourself again and to find back to your inner balance!

Are you also one of those people who, it seems, always have to be reachable? Where your cell phone and laptop are taken to bed with you so that you can check your e-mails and messages before brushing your teeth in the morning? Always under pressure, always stressed - taking time out and letting everyday life rest has now become a luxury for many.

My body is a temple

Modern civilization diseases such as burn out, allergies, rashes, but also gout, obesity, depression and so on are unfortunately becoming more and more common in our latitudes. The search for the cause often begins with one's own unhealthy lifestyle. We say: Don't make yourself a slave to your electronic devices, but rather go to the mountainous oasis of the Ybbstaler Alps! Leave your cell phones, computers and tablets at home and actively enjoy what is happening in front of you.

Our region offers you a variety of retreats, meeting places or crossroads - depending on what you need and desire at the moment. The forest, the meadows, the uncultivated land invite you to go on a spiritual and purifying journey.