Ybbstal Alps Winter bus

FREE for ALL - by public transport from December to April through the Ybbstal Alps.

From Waidhofen/Ybbs to Gaming, from Forsteralm to Ötscher, from Hochkar to Königsberg or from Maiszinken to FeRRum or to the 5-Elements Museum,...

All guests and locals in winter clothing can take the bus lines of the VOR free of charge to go skiing or to the winter excursion and back again.

With line 643 you get to the Hochkar - stop Hochkar Talstation. The courses on the Hochkar are call-the-bus courses - on the uphill journey register the journey request with the driver and for the downhill journey either register with the driver or order the bus at least 90 minutes before departure at the hotline (to be found in the timetable) from Hochkar valley station.

With line 653 to Lackenhof and to the Ötscher - the bus stop Weitental is directly at the big Ötscher lift, the bus stop Feuerwehr is only a few steps to the Eibenkogel. (ATTENTION: timetable changes on Jan. 18th 2021!)

Line 640 takes you from Waidhofen an der Ybbs train station to Lunz am See (free ride on the entire line).

Line 655 takes you from Scheibbs to Göstling/Ybbs (free ride from Kienberg to Göstling).

Timetables can be found at www.vor.at.

ATTENTION: Valid ski passes are required for access to the ski areas Ötscher & Hochkar!

Onlineshop Ötscher

Onlineshop Hochkar