Your risk-free holiday in the Ybbstal Alps

You are hesitating to book your wintervacation? Not anymore with our cost-free cancellation conditions

Booking a vacation in times of Corona is always accompanied by a stomach ache. To completly relieve you of this feeling, our Hotels and Resorts have decided to guarantee you free cancellation possibilities - up to 48 hours before arrival!

Vacation must be plannable - that is the order of the day. Therefore, our businesses in the Ybbstal Alps offer you different cancellation options, so that you can plan and enjoy your time off from everyday life in time and according to your possibilities.

Numerous businesses in the Ybbstal Alps offer particularly flexible cancellation conditions in the summer season 2021, which go beyond the legal requirements. Up to 7 days or even 48 hours in advance can be canceled free of charge. Thus, you can make your vacation booking in a relaxed manner and look forward! If you can not start your trip Covid19 at short notice or have to postpone, this is possible until shortly before arrival without any problems.

Browse now in the packages and accommodation lists and fulfill your carefree vacation dream!

Due to the current situation, all accommodations in the Ybbstaler Alps are of course very accommodating in dealing with cancellation conditions. It is best to contact your preferred accommodation provider by phone.