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The holiday and pleasure region Ybbstal Alps stands for regionality, authenticity and down-to-earthness. Stop off at excellent restaurants, down-to-earth inns, traditional wine taverns and alpine huts and experience real culinary delights from gaming to Waidhofen, from Lackenhof via Lunz to Göstling, or around St. Georgen am Reith, Ybbsitz and Opponitz.

Processing regional delicacies is a specialty of the culinary establishments in the Ybbstal region. Especially the Ybbstal trout, a product of the GenussRegion Österreich (Austrian region of culinary delights), is such a delicacy. Along the Ybbs river and Lunzer See Lake numerous culinary establishments offer freshly prepared fish dishes. The Ybbstal trout is in the spotlight of the menus of many restaurants and inns along the Eisenstraße (iron trail).

Apart from that, the Ybbstal Alps region is known for first-grade beef and lamb meat, fresh pork and venison, sheep milk cheese ("Schofkas"), cider and juices, spirits and beers.

Savour the culinary delicacies of the Ybbstal Alps!

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