Lunz am See.
Lakeside pleasures.

Webcam Lunz am See
Lunz Frühling, © Werner Schrittwieser
Hiking and resting at the Ötscher, ©
Göstling an der Ybbs Panorama
Frühjahr Waidhofen 1000 things, © Magistrat Waidhofen/Ybbs
St. Georgen am Reith Dueker, © Werner Schrittwieser
Hollenstein, © Gem. Hollenstein
Forging in Ybbsitz, © (c) Mostviertel Tourismus,

A very warm welcome in the Ybbstal Alps!

Skiing at Ötscher, © NÖW, Kathrin Baumann

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Ybbstaler Alpen Winter Card 2022/23, © YTA

Ybbstal Alps WinterCard

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Nachtwächter 1000things, © Magistrat Waidhofen/Ybbs

Guided Tours with a special flair in Waidhofen/Ybbs

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Four-legged hikingpartners are the best!, © Anna Fohringer

Enjoy pawsome holidays at Ybbstal Alps

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Flyfishing in Ybbs river, © Josef Hefert

Fishing in the Ybbstal Alps

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The towns of the Ybbstal Alps

Amonhaus Lunz am See, © Martin Ploderer

Lunz am See

The cultural and mountaineering village inspires with its frozen lake landscape, impressive amounts of snow and familyfriendly skiing slopes!

Lunz am See
Fishing in Opponitz, © Community Opponitz


A special kind of holiday experience! Whether you are looking for a quiet place, nature lovers or fishermen - you will find what you are looking for…

Schmiedemeile Ybbsitz, © Werner Schrittwieser


Ybbsitz, the centre of forging, lies embedded in the unique landscape and foothills of the Ybbstal Alps.


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Cycle to clear waters

A three-day Mostviertel cycle tour that takes in Ybbs, Erlauf and Lake Lunz

As low as € 146,-