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Schauwiese Hochtal

Outdoor adventure


Adjacent to the "Leckermoos" to the north, a very species- and flower-rich complex of mountain and wet meadows has developed here. The vegetation, which is very species-rich with more than 70 plant species, is dominated by downy oatgrass, moor grass and wood rush. Impressive and endangered flowering plants, including several orchids, still find suitable living conditions here.
Such areas have become very rare and are of the highest value for nature conservation.

Here you can find the following special plant species:

    Broad-leaved orchid
    (Dactylorhiza majalis)
    Orchid plant
    Beginning/mid-May to beginning/mid-June
    Spotted finger orchid
    (Dactylorhiza maculata)
    Orchid family
    Two-leaved wood hyacinth
    (Platanthera bifolia)
    Orchid plant
    Marsh hellebore
    (Epipactis palustris)
    Orchid plant
    End of June until end of July

The Ybbstal is a haven of rare flowers and plants. Would you like to learn more about daffodils, orchids and Co. More show meadows, excursion and vacation tips, an informative folder and dates for nature tours can be found at www.narzissenbluete.at!

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