A feast for all the senses: the "Lunzer Webermarkt" (weaving market)

A voyage of discovery into textile craftsmanship

The Amonhaus in Lunz am See is the meeting place for friends of fine materials. Exhibitors from the region and beyond present their exquisite goods for weaving, spinning and felting at the Webermarkt.

Handmade things are valuable, solid and they give us the feeling of owning something special. In the arcade courtyard and in the ballroom of the Amonhaus carpets, scarves, curtains, clothing fabrics, hand-spun wool, table linen, felted bags, patches, hats and much more are shown and offered for sale - each piece is truly unique.

The Lunzer Webermarkt has developed into a popular meeting place in recent years. The personal atmosphere, the tasteful presentation of the great products and the flair of the Amonhaus are appreciated. For many visitors, the first weekend in August has already become a fixed date: People meet at the Webermarkt in Lunz am See.

The special exhibition of the "Handarbeitsmuseum" (handicraft museum) which is open from May to October, and the "Krapfenkirtag der Lunzer Bäuerinnen" (offer of regional pastries) are also part of the programme of the Webermarkt.