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Advent atmosphere in the Ybbstaler Alps

We let the Ybbstal shine in a Christmassy glow even in special times and awaken the anticipation for Christmas!

The first harbingers of winter are beginning to make themselves felt: It is getting cold outside and the first snowflakes are already flying through the Ybbs Valley. Although many things are different this year, there will also be an Advent in the Ybbstal Alps this year.

Flaming Christmas & Sparkling Village Christmas

This year the flaming & sparkling Christmas markets will finally take place again. In no less than five communities of the Ybbstaler Alps you can then marvel, taste, browse, listen.

Tip: Visit also the Lackenhofer Adventzauber in the small community on the Ötscher. November 19th, 09.00am to 15.00pm & November 26th 14.00pm to 17.00pm

Where?  When? Further information
Sparkling village Christmas Lunz am See Nov. 19 - 20 -> Read more
Sparkling Village Christmas Hollenstein a/d Ybbs Nov. 25 - 26 -> Read more
Flaming Lights Christmas Waidhofen a/d Ybbs 02. - 04. Dec. -> Read more
Flaming Kartausenweihnacht in Gaming 03 - 08 Dec. -> Read more
Flaming Schmiedeweihnacht in Ybbsitz 17 - 18 Dec. -> Read more

We wish you the most wonderful time and a contemplative Advent!