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Rafting experience on Salza river

Water sports


During this sports program you will experience the Salzatal from different perspectives. During the rafting tour you will paddle on one of the most beautiful rafting rivers in the Alps. The varied rafting tour takes you into landscapes that are otherwise hardly accessible. At the waterhole gorge, the particularly brave can jump from a diving board into the current of the Salza. Then it's on through splashy rapids, where the rafting boat rocks through the waves in an entertaining up and down. The last kilometers on the Salza lead through the Palfau Gorge - a fantastic conglomerate landscape formed by the river since the last ice age. Along the way, you will paddle past adventurous rock formations and experience a particularly pristine river landscape.

The following sports are offered:

    Canyoning allows you to experience fascinating gorges up close. During the adventurous hike through the torrent you will dive into an extraordinary landscape of glittering waterfalls and crystal clear natural pools. Equipped with warm wetsuits, this is easily possible for anyone who can move and swim in pathless terrain. The guide will take care of the safety and will let the participants descend with the rope over splashing waterfalls. Natural slides and jumps into water poles add variety to the canyoning tour. The landscape is breathtaking and can only be experienced in this form during canyoning.

    High Ropes Course
    In the high ropes course you balance from tree to tree in airy heights. Suspension bridges, nets and wooden elements offer a lot of variety during the extraordinary hike through the forest. One part of the high ropes course consists of wooden poles, where a free view over the valley is possible from a height of 10 meters. There you go over the "spider's web" or through wooden tubes from pole to pole. Flight feeling can be experienced at several Flying Fox routes. Here you fly through the landscape on rollers and steel cables. There are several courses with different heights and difficulties to choose from. Thus you can feel your way up step by step in the high ropes course.

    Via ferrata
    Our guided via ferrata tours offer the possibility to get to know the vertical alpine terrain well secured. It is fascinating to climb a rock face and to experience airy views. It is impressive to experience the mountains in this way. Before the via ferrata tour there is a detailed training with the climbing harness, the carabiners and the correct handling with it. Climbing through the rock face is done along the safety rope. In the via ferrata are holding - and kicking bars mounted for easier climbing up. It is an exciting mountain tour that leaves unforgettable impressions!

    Flying Fox Alpine
    With the Flying Fox Alpin you fly through the alpine landscape by means of pulleys and steel cables. The fantastic views over the Salzatal are unique from this perspective. The tour consists of several Flying Fox routes which are up to 100 meters long. The Salza - a popular rafting river - then lies about 300 meters lower in the valley. The route in between is covered on the via ferrata. Before the tour, all participants receive a briefing and the guide then leads the group through the alpine course. The descent from the mountain is shortened by an exciting 30-meter-high rappelling point, where everyone is lowered by the guide on the rope. Depending on the chosen tour, this adventure lasts 4 or 6 hours.

    SUP Tour
    Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is the trend sport of the last years. It is a nice feeling to glide over the water standing on the board. A special highlight with the SUP is offered at the Salza Gorge Tour. This extraordinary gorge route can only be explored with a boat or SUP suitable for white water. After a training session in calm water, the approx. 5 kilometer long stretch is navigated on gentle white water. The SUP tour on this beautiful stretch of river is done with professional whitewater equipment. The guide shows the route through the splashing rapids and it is fun to paddle the board through the small waves.

    Kayak course
    The kayak offers a sporty way to navigate a torrent. We offer courses of different lengths for it. From a taster day to a course of several days, everything is possible. It is a nice feeling to paddle through the rapids in a kayak. However, you have to approach carefully, because the kayak is a bit tippy in the waves and some people have involuntarily tried the first part of the Eskimo roll.

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