Bicycle bus & taxi

Mobility along the Ybbstal Cycle Path

A cycling trip on the Ybbstal Cycle Path does not only offer fun and exercise - it can also be tailored to individual time schedules and stamina.

Bicycle bus (Radtramper-Bus)

The bicycle bus (VOR bus line 656) is a convenient alternative to be picked up along the Ybbstal Cycle Path, when you're on a time crunch or your stamina has reached its limit.

The bus drives from May 1st until October 27th 2024 every Saturday, Sunday and on Lower Austrian public holidays between Waidhofen an der Ybbs and Lunz am See.

During the Lower Austrian summer holidays the bus drives daily from Waidhofen to Lunz. On operation days the bus passes following bus stops:

  • Waidhofen an der Ybbs / Bahnhof (Südtiroler Platz 1)
  • Gstadt/Ybbsitzer Straße
  • Opponitz / Busbahnhof
  • Hollenstein an der Ybbs / Feuerwehr
  • St. Georgen/Reith Dorf (only during noon)
  • Kogelsbach Ybbsbrücke
  • Göstling an der Ybbs / Rathaus
  • Lunz am See / Friedhof / B25

Prices (as of January 2024):

  • For adults: €10.40
  • For children: €5.20
  • Seniors with ÖBB Advantage Card € 6.20
  • Bicycle transport: €2 per bike for adults or €1 per bike for children under 15 years

Capacity: around 20 bikes

Tickets: Tickets can be bought either on the bus or online at - there's also an app called VOR App. Additionally tickets are available at ÖBB ticket counters. Tickets for the bike itself can be bought on the bus or also online.

Reservation is not possible. On public transport there cannot be a seat guaranteed.

Ybbstal bicycle taxi

This is a great opportunity for smaller groups of at least 4 people. During the summer months from May until October the bicycle taxi can be called alongside the Ybbstal Cycle Path from Mon - Sun between 8 a.m. & 6 p.m. via a quick call. Within 2 hours of booking the taxi from one of our two taxi partner companies will arrive to pick up the cyclists. Up to 16 bikes can be transported.

A minimum occupancy of 4 people (€ 100,-) must be paid per bus trip. Each additional person costs € 25,- per person and bike. In addition, the bike taxi drives selected routes to connection points (Amstetten, Scheibbs, Ybbs, Mariazell).

Special rates:
Ticket for small children without bike: € 5,-
Ticket for pets: € 5,-

A tip for cycling groups with fewer than four people: Please ask our bike taxi partners whether there are still individual places available on trips that have already been booked!


Daurer Reisen | Lunz am See
+43 664/442 02 37
Family Daurer also offers E-bikes to rent.

Esletzbichler Bus GmbH | Waidhofen an der Ybbs
+43 664/886 029 92
Attention: Family Esletzbichler offers the bicycle taxi from Monday - Friday! On weekends only with reservation in advance until the friday before until noon!