Experience history in the 5-Elements Museum Waidhofen/Ybbs

How exciting history can be is demonstrated by the 5-elements museum in Rothschild Castle.

In addition to the city's eventful past, the Mostviertel toy world is waiting to be discovered by young and old.

Earth, metal, fire, water and wood

The five elements have left their mark on the city. They have left their mark on the landscape and the everyday life of the people in the Eisenwurzen region. The 5 elements exhibition invites visitors to "grasp" history and to discover archive treasures in the exhibition depot.

Toys with story(s)

The Mostviertler world of toys on the 2nd floor of the museum allows visitors to immerse themselves in the children's imagination in different "worlds". A touching look into the everyday life of families from Waidhofen and the surrounding area in the interwar and postwar period. A special highlight: the doll's houses of the Kaltenbrunner Collection, which are mostly handmade and lovingly designed, and show various life situations.

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