Explore the Wilderness Area on your own!

Only in a few places it is allowed to enter the strictly protected Dürrenstein-Lassingtal area. Here we show you the approved hiking trails!

The Dürrenstein-Lassingtal Wilderness Area, which was designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2017, is on a par with the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park and is subject to the strictest protection category according to IUCN criteria. Only a few specially marked hiking trails allow interested hikers to explore the protected area independently.

The wilderness area itself is a very strict protected area; in contrast, it has the strictest protection category according to IUCN criteria.

Nevertheless, guided hikes can take you deep into the area and thus into the World Heritage Site. Only a few, specially marked hiking trails allow you to explore the wilderness area on your own:

The owl trail ("Eulenweg")

An experience for the whole family! The approximately two and a half kilometer long trail leads through the Windischbachau and tells remarkable stories about the five species of owls found in the wilderness area.

Over eight stations one experiences from the hatching of the chicks over wing spans and characteristics everything to the rare animals. At the end of the trail you will be given an insight into the life of the Ural Owl.
But you can also enjoy the beautiful landscape along the Windischbach, which documents the special features of the wilderness area, as well as the presented owls.

The trail stretches over 3,4 kilometers (6,8 kilometers there and back) and can be walked in 1 hour (one way). In summer there is the possibility to participate in owl excursions.

Starting point is the parking lot "Rothschild-Teiche" in the Steinbachtal Göstling.

The moor path ("Moorweg")

The adventure trail around the Leckermoos! The 25 hectare nature reserve Leckermoos is located in a high valley floor on Hochreit in Göstling an der Ybbs at about 860 m above sea level. This region north of the Limestone Alps is one of the areas with the highest rainfall in Austria.

A moor path around the wetland offers over 11 stations educational and exciting attractions for visitors. The habitats of the Leckermoor, as well as interesting facts about the formation of the raised bog, its use in the past and its rare biocoenoses. There are also numerous attractions for children to understand through play!

For the whole round trip (suitable for baby carriages) you should plan about 2 hours. Please do not leave the paths for the protection of the moor and if necessary always keep your dog on a leash!

Guided high-moor walks can be booked from May to October with the Zettel family, farm Ablaß:

In winter you can circle the nature reserve Leckermoos on the 3 km long Hochmoorloipe, the cross-country skiing center Hochreit's most snow-sure trail.

The wilderness trail ("Wildnisweg")

Circular hiking trail electronically guided! Recently the wilderness area Dürrenstein can be explored along the Owl Trail, but also beyond, with the help of a tablet!

Using GPS control, the tablet is automatically activated at prominent points during the hike and a short film sequence on a specific "wilderness area theme" is played. The topics range from dead wood to the way of life of the nail spot (a day-active moth).

Two tours with different levels of difficulty can be chosen in English or German. You should plan about 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on the time spent at the stations, if you want to walk the whole path (roundtrip). (Path along the Owl Trail is suitable for prams and strollers!).

The trays can be borrowed for a fee of € 5,00 at the tourist office Göstling/Ybbs and Lunz am See, as well as at the Landhotel Zellerhof.

Starting point is the parking lot "Rothschild-Teiche" in the Steinbachtal Göstling.

Have fun discovering, experiencing and simply getting amazed!