"Find Lunzi" - The treasure hunt around Lake Lunz

Answer 12 questions using the pictures and signs along the lakeside path and find the hiding place of Lunzi!

Through the "BioGeocaching - Find Lunzi" theme path, which spans 12 stations, interested people can inform themselves at any time about the research at the WasserCluster Lunz and understand what is being researched here, what the results are used for and gain insights into the functioning of inland waters.

The status of freshwaters is under great threat due to climate change and declining biodiversity. Especially the lakes in the Alpine region, like Lake Lunz, are indicators of climate change and therefore perfect examples to illustrate these threats.

Furthermore, Lake Lunz is a popular tourist destination in the region, and especially in summer, visitors and locals alike enjoy the approximately 5 km long walk around the lake.

With the support of the community and the WasserCluster Lunz and the forestry administration Seehof a dedicated project team was able to develop the BioGeocoaching-Path.

Through a "treasure hunt" the visitors of the Lunzer Lake are informed about a theme trail on the biology of freshwater and the upcoming changes due to climate change and the decreasing biodiversity.

On the traces of Lunzi...

That's the way it goes:

To find the treasure of Lunzi (mascot of the theme trail), twelve questions have to be answered. The questions are listed in the folder and can be answered by reading the information texts and examining the photos on the signs.

If you have answered all twelve questions and solved a few small arithmetical problems, you will get the GPS coordinates of Lunzi's hiding place, where you can sign in the logbook and find a small souvenir.