Mountainclimber village Lunz am See

The mountanclimber village of Lunz am See is located in the middle of the Ybbstal Alps in south-western Lower Austria and magically attracts guests at any time of the year. Why this is so is already revealed by its name - the Lunzer See is known and loved by all as the only natural lake in Lower Austria. Numerous activities such as boating, swimming and stand-up paddling can be experienced on and in the water. Many evenings end in a cosy atmosphere with a walk along the lakeside path.

The Scheiblingstein towers high above Lake Lunz - one of many peaks that more than earn Lunz am See the title of "mountainclimber village". From two-hour walks to full-day tours, from family-friendly to high-alpine hikes, from alpine pastures to cliffs - all this can be hiked and experienced from the hiking starting points in Lunz am See.

But water and mountains are not the only leading themes in the region. The Dürrenstein Wilderness Area has also had a lasting impact on Lunz am See, as the newly built "House of Wilderness" is located directly in the centre of the village. It functions as a World Heritage Centre and combines research, tourist information, exhibition and culinary delights in one location. "Original and untamed" is the motto of the day when a nature guide takes you to the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site during your stay in Lunz am See. During a hike, participants learn what makes the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area so unique.

Breathe in wilderness and mountain air and immerse yourself in crystal-clear mountain water - this and much more awaits you in the mountainclimber village of Lunz am See!