Gugermühle, © Gemeinde Hollenstein an der Ybbs

Nature Experience in the Ybbstal Alps

The Ybbstal Alps are rich in unique natural spectacles

Two nature parks, a jungle, emerald green lakes, countless caves and gorges waiting to be discovered!

The Dürrenstein Wilderness Area, which is home of the last primeval forest in Central Europe – the Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Reserve with 170km², which encloses the majestic Ötscher – the Eisenwurzen Nature Reserve Lower Austria with about 5000 hectares that offers a variety of herb and adventure gardens to its visitors – the crystal clear and green Lunzer See Lake which invites you to go boating, swimming or just to linger in the midst of a unique mountain world – and last but not least the diverse landscapes, the fresh air and the beneficial climate!

Hike, cycle or experience the Ybbstal Alps!

Nature Experience

Pedal boating on Lunzer See Lake, ©

Lake Lunzer See

The only natural lake in Lower Austria invites you to sunbathe, swim and stroll in the middle of the mountains of the Mostviertel and is the venue for…

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