Lunzer See lake, ©

Relaxing summer resort - The Lake Lunzer See

The only natural swimming lake in the whole of Lower Austria invites visitors to sunbathe, swim and stroll in the middle of the Mostviertel region's mountains and acts as a venue for festivals and events.

Both nature and culture play a pivotal role in Lunz am See. As an official "Mountaineering Village" of the Austrian Alpine Association, the village has a broad sports and leisure portfolio for every season on offer. Moreover, guests can enjoy cultural highlights of high quality in the summertime.

Refreshing on hot days or after hikes: The emerald green Lunzer See Lake, Lower Austria's only natural lake, is located at the foot of impressive mountains and is known for its outstanding water quality. No matter whether you want to stay for a summer retreat or just seek a quick cool-down – Lunzer See Lake is the right place for you.

Take a dip!

The generous sunbathing lawns, diving platform, table tennis facilities and the well-run buffet make it easy to unwind at the lakeside resort in Lunz (opening hours: in the summer at fair weather daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.). The lakeside stage is open for bathers during the day – in the evenings, it transforms into a unique cultural site. The renowned Lower Austrian Festivals “wellenklaenge”, “lunz am see” and “more ohr less” take place in front of the romantic backdrop of the natural lake.

If you prefer steering to swimming, you can rent one of the rowing, pedal or electric boats from the boat hire.

Off to the mountains!

The surrounding mountains Maiszinken and Dürrenstein offer great alternatives for your summer retreat. Choose one of the hiking routes coming in different levels of difficulty. The Three-Lakes Hiking Tour  ("Drei-Seen-Tour") from Lunzer See Lake to its two smaller siblings Lake Mittersee (766m) and Lake Obersee (1.113m) offers a scenic experience with fascinating flora. You can best enjoy the mountains from below if you take a walk around the emerald green mountain lake – both in summer and winter.

Lunzer See lake