Ötscherland Express: "All aboard!"

On the impressive mountain route Kienberg-Gaming – Lunz am See- Göstling an der Ybbs, the narrow-gauged heritage railway is blazing its trail

Starting point for the ride either with the steam train that is more than 100 years old or alternatively with an 80-year-old diesel engine is the train station Kienberg-Gaming. On 27 kilometres, visitors enjoy magnificent views into the Ötscherland region and Ybbstal valley.

The term "mountain route" already gives it away: The Ötscherland express climbs slopes of 20 up to 31‰, meanders narrow bends with a 60 metres radius and rock cuttings that are 25 to 30 metres high. You will experience pure railway romanticism and at the same time get to know the beautiful landscapes of the Ötscherland region and Ybbstal valley.

The heritage railway chugs leisurely past the history-charged charterhouse in Gaming, going via two (of only three in the whole of Austria) trestle-style viaducts through the idyllic towns of Pfaffenschlag and Bodingbach, continuing to the summer resort Lunz am See and finally reaching Göstling an der Ybbs that is home to tourist destinations Mendlingtal Valley and Hochkar. Enjoy a wonderful trip on which speed doesn't matter!

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