Safe behavior on the alps

How do I behave properly when I encounter alpine cattle? Here are the answers!

On Austrian alpine pastures the custom of the Almauftrieb. In early summer, the alpine dairymen and dairywomen hike with their alpine cattle to the high-altitude meadows in order to be able to offer the animals the lush green grasses and spicy wild herbs.

A visit to the alpine pasture brings with it a certain amount of personal responsibility; one enters the living and dining room of the animals. The partly free-ranging animals are of course used to people and dogs, but this is not a free pass to disturb them in their summer retreat.

To the fact that cattle pastures are no petting zoos and also no dog free running zones, only a terrible incident in Tirol had to remind. We do not want to let it come so far in any case and offer you here the possibility to inform yourself about correct behavior on the alpine pastures.

Please take the opportunity to download the folder about safe coexistence on Austria's alpine pastures in the window on the right.

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