Trailrunning on the Ötscher

Experience pure nature on the highest mountain in the Mostviertel region.

Trail running on the Ötscher and around Lackenhof - that's still a real insider tip. Seven routes meander through the woods of the small village and offer pure trail running: From easy-going single trails on hiking trails to uphill and downhill stretches along forest roads to technically very demanding climbs in high alpine terrain, off-road runners will find a perfect route network.

All routes have the "Vaterberg" Ötscher in common as a constant companion - either from wonderful vantage points or as a panorama platform after your own trail run. Choose from short and medium-length routes from and to the starting point at "Weitental" in Lackenhof am Ötscher.
Have fun!

1 - East Alpine Trail from Lackenhof to Hochkar
2 - Grand "Ötscherrunde"
3, 3b - Grand "Ötscher Gipfel" (3b: From "Ötscher Schutzhaus")
4 - Small "Ötscher Gipfel"
5 - "Gmoa" route
6 - "Steingrabenkreuz" route
7 - "Dorf" route