Run through nature at high speed and feel complete freedom.

If you prefer running to leisurely hiking, our trails through the Ybbstal Alps are the right place for you. Because here, the two trailrunning areas on the "Hochkar" mountain and on the "Ötscher" mountain offer a very special level of alpine and nature experience in perfect combination with a feeling of freedom that you can only feel like that with a fast run to a summit or through the forests.

From easier and flatter routes to technically and physically demanding trails, there are 7 tours to explore and experience in each area. The two areas are connected by the East Alpine Trail - the "grand tour" between Ötscher and Hochkar - so to speak (see map below).

To make sure your trailrunning adventure goes smoothly...

...please avoid the trails during the night and twilight hours (animals are looking for food).

...behave calmly and carefully - avoid contact with grazing cattle. Here you can find out more about correct behavior on the alpine pastures. considerate of the flora and fauna and treat the people who work here, nature and the animals with respect.

...note the general warning signs (e.g. restricted area signs). Fences must be respected and gates closed again.

...beware of extreme weather - seek shelter or turn back if necessary.

...please make sure to not leave any trash behind and take it with you.

Now select the area that you want to get more information about the respective trails.

Trailrunning areas in the Ybbstal Alps