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The Wilde Wunder Card

The Wilde Wunder Card offers free admission to numerous theme parks in the entire alpine Mostviertel region.

Spend the night at one of the Wilde Wunder hosts and experience the many "wild wonders" around the Ötscher, Lunzer See Lake, Hochkar and Königsberg.

The Wilde Wunder Card stands for even more adventures. Between the beginning of May until the end of October, overnight guests of all ages holding the Wilde Wunder Card enjoy free admission to 52 tourist attractions as well as recreational and adventure programmes not only in the Ybbstal Alps but in the whole alpine Mostviertel and Mariazellerland regions.

The Wilde Wunder Card is all about splashing and diving, trotting and galloping, hiking and discovering. Also lift rides up to the Ötscher, Hochkar, Gemeindealpe and Bürgeralpe are included. With the "Ötscherlandexpress" from Lunz am See to Gaming-Kienberg you only pay the price of a one-way journey for a two-way journey with the Wilde Wunder Card.

Mobility for half the price

You can also save money on public transport with this adventure card. On selected bus lines you receive a 50% discount on the full fare. An unbeatable offer that allows you to travel easily and cheaply through the Ybbstal Alps - without a car. More on this!

Wilde Wunder Hosts in the Ybbstal Alps

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