Fishing in the Ybbstal Alps

Ready for an exciting fishing trip? The diversity and particularly good water quality of the Ybbstaler waters are not only beneficial to the fish, but also to the anglers!

The Ybbs has its source near Mariazell and flows through almost all member communities of the Ybbstal Alps. With its shallow sandbanks and deep pools, it is a real fly fisherman's paradise! Brook and rainbow trout as well as grayling and the occasional barbel, danube salmon and aitel inhabit the Ybbs, which carries the water quality class I-II. At Lunzer See lake you have the opportunity to fish from a boat or to go fishing from one of the meadow shores.

Contact in the fishing village Opponitz:
Fishing supervisor Franz Rosenberger
Phone: +43 7444 / 76 48
Mobile: +43 664 / 450 75 32

Location Details about the fishing territories + licences
Waidhofen/Ybbs Pertri Heil!
Opponitz Petri Heil!
St. Georgen/Reith Pertri Heil!
Lunzer Ybbs/Seebach Pertri Heil!
Lunzer See lake Petri Heil!
Ybbsitz Petri Heil!

The currently applicable fishing regulations and further information can be found on the website of the Lower Austrian State Fishermen's Association.