On into the beery hiking experience!

Gaming does justice to the popular hop drink with its numerous beer attractions, themed hiking trails and 2 private breweries!

The GeBIERgsweg - the hiking experience for beer lovers

Not only the hiking experience, but also interesting facts about the liquid gold are in the foreground during the hike with numerous join-in stations through the beer village!

Various attractions make the path eventful and varied: giant beer barrel, hop stand, barley field, viewing platform, yeast sculpture and the famous beer fountain with resting place at the lake.
Tip: Photo point by the beer fountain

3 km length, walking time about 1 hour, start and finish in the Kartausenpark
The first 7 stations tell you a lot about the ingredients of the beer.

6 km length, walking time about 2 hours, start and finish in the Kartausenpark
Over the next 11 stations, one is also initiated into the secrets of the brewing process.

Beer diversity - created by two private breweries in Gaming

> Gaminger Kartausenbräu
TIP: Brewing tour with tasting and shop or a whole bridal day experience

Do not miss the beer promotion on 10 & 14 July 2020!

> Bruckner's Erzbräu
TIP: Tours with beer cinema, tasting and shop

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