Theme Trails in the Ybbstal Alps

Boredom? Not with us! Exploring rich natural landscapes while learning about the beer, railways, water and mysterious treasures of the region – the Ybbstal Alps offer all of these things.

Get to know the nature, culture and history of the region on the various theme trails. Especially for children, there is lots to explore.

Realm of Treats

With its two private breweries – the Kartausenbräu brewed in the Gaming Charterhouse, and the Erzbräu brewed in Bruckners Bierwelt at the Grubberg – Gaming is considered the "beer village" of the “Eisenstraße” (iron trail) in Lower Austria. The theme trail “Hopfen und Malz” (hops and malt) takes you around around Gaming, amongst other things past the charterhouse viewpoint, mine, Calvary, castle pond, and aqueduct. You will learn interesting facts about the history, production, and the tradition of the "liquid gold" at the 13 stations of the trail. Take a sip of the refreshing Gaming beer at the beer fountain. Both manufactories also offer tastings of regional beer specialties – the beers "Made in Gaming" are ready for you to take home.

Realm of Nostalgia

The railway adventure trail in Lunz am See leads along a particularly beautiful section of the narrow-gauge Ybbstalbahn (Ötscherland Express): from the Amonhaus in the town centre to Bodingbach and Pfaffenschlag. Numerous iron road signs tell of the construction of the Ybbstal Railway and investigate the question of what changes the railway era once brought to the region. So you experience a piece of Austrian railway history along the way.

Realm of Water

The pushchair-friendly theme trail “Die Kraft des Wassers” (the power of Water) leads from the "Kögerlwirt" inn on concrete and gravel roads as well as wooden bridges into the Steinbachtal valley near Göstling an der Ybbs and features numerous info panels. You can reach the exhibited turbine right after the power plant, the picnic area next to the Vorderhammer forge, the romantic path running through the "Noth" ravine (a local natural monument), the wood-cutter settlement belonging to the Rothschild family as well as the aqueducts of the Second Vienna Mountain Spring Pipeline both by foot and by bike. The Rothschild pond next to the ascent to the Ybbstalerhütte (Ybbstal hut)/Dürrenstein can also be reached by car. At the junction Windischbach/Hundsau, another theme trail starts: the “Eulenweg” (owl path). Attention: In snow conditions, the "Noth" ravine is closed due to danger of avalanches!

Moreover, we recommend a visit to the Mendlingtal Valley “Auf dem Holzweg” (on the path of Wood) in Lassing near Göstling an der Ybbs.

Realm of Dwarves

Do you want to uncover precious treasures? Then follow courageous Ferraculus into the Eisenwurzen Nature Reserve Lower Austria and experience exciting adventures on the hunt for the "Spitzhiat'l". Legend has it that this dwarf – invisible to most humans – is living in the forests of the nature reserve. But with a bit of luck, attentiveness and investigative spirit, you will be able to find the gnome. In 2014, the treasure hunter's path was voted one of 33 theme trails of the year in Austrian nature reserves.

Theme trails in the Ybbstal Alps